And they call it therapy

And they call it therapy

on-on-offIf they do it right it’s like falling asleep.

Deep down goose-down snuggle down downy little head beside mine sleep?

Or turn the dial to prickly hiss crackle sleep?

If they do it right is it top of the stairs

Mummy me jump now!

crash bash three flights right down to the tiny soft sad heap peaceful forever sleep?

Trolley wheel squeak squeak ampere volt cell resistance useless.

Lord jesus krishna abraham and the angels

let them light me up like a christmas tree and fry my soul

only just let me sleep.

Mummy jump too now.


M J Lewis ©2015

Here we are at Friday Fictioneers, enjoying the discipline of 100 words and this spooky picture by Ted Strutz. (Don’t count the title!)

Many thanks again to Rochelle. Click on the link (Rochelle’s name) to find lots of diverse and wonderful stories using this same prompt.

7 thoughts on “And they call it therapy

  1. Thanks for your feedback.
    Intentionally weird, intentionally sad so all good!
    Threw out the rule book, the grammar book (and really upset my computer with lots of pretty coloured lines) with this one.
    I think it’s best to take a deep breath and say it aloud, like a monologue; but maybe not on a crowded commuter train


  2. Dear MJ,

    There is something strange yet charmingly sad about this piece. It actually puts me in mind of a Sapphire and Steele episode, if you might be familiar with it.

    I can imagine your computer’s colored lines. I see a few of those when I write. Some rules are better when broken.




    • Dear Rochelle
      Thanks for your perceptive comments. Breaking rules is interesting since this is a piece about being broken.
      Year ago my son stood at the top of the stairs and said, Me jump now!( I was in the bathroom cleaning my teeth at the time.)
      I think the plan was to hop-pity skip down each step, one at a time. Didn’t quite work out like that, but luckily as he tumbled and rolled to the bottom he turned out to be made of rubber. It was one of those moments that sometimes revisits me in the middle of the night, a moment that could have been very different. Not sure why it surfaced with this photo prompt but it did…
      Had not heard of Sapphire and Steele, but what a combination of actors! Something to investigate.


  3. Owh, I really like this one.. It’s a lil’ creepy and intense in some parts then it gets weird and kooky and it makes you smile just a little and you feel like you’re in a child’s head and then it gets really sad really fast.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well done for finding this one tucked away. I kind of like it myself, like a kid in the playground not everyone likes, it appeals to some and not others and I feel a bit protective of it. If you like this craziness (definitely weird and kooky!) you might like my novel, Dream Girl which is definitely a bit on that side.


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