Something Rotting

So here we are another week, another photo prompt and I’m trying out yet another genre. Enjoying participating in this fiction-fest. And amazingly this week did not write the novel, the sequel and the stage version only to have to cut, cut, cut, cut to 100 words, but actually weighed in at a cool 100 straight off. Amazingly satisfying experience!

Thanks again to Rochelle for her story, photo and for looking after us all. If I’ve got this right (which also amazes me) you can click on Rochelle’s name for a link to the whole fabulous fabrication of Friday fiction.

Something Rotting

What was that weird smell?balcony

Lisa stood on the elegant veranda. She needed a moment to collect her thoughts.

The old lady had been agitated. Understandably so, losing her jewel collection like that, her heirlooms. But she had been briefly stricken when Lisa suggested she had a lead on the robbery already.

That was it! Lisa almost laughed out loud. The whole thing was a set-up. The jewels, the real ones, were safely stashed away somewhere; that or sold years ago.

But still that smell.

Lisa leant on the balustrade and the whole rotting structure leant with her.

M J Lewis © 2015

Photo copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

14 thoughts on “Something Rotting

  1. Definitely, the house is rotting around its last inhabitant!
    As Lisa leans on the balustrade my partner imagined a kind of Buster Keaton complete house collapse (don’t think he takes this writing business seriously!) and my daughter thought the whole thing might bury Lisa alive.
    I hadn’t actually imagined anything beyond the rotting railings slowly and dangerously taking on a jaunty angle, but after their comments I think Lisa escapes unharmed as the whole rotting edifice collapses around the old lady who, proud to the last, remains upright in her wicker chair as her mansion becomes her mausoleum.
    Priceless Joy, you might have noticed Lisa who has escaped from ‘A Christmas Story’ in order to prove she can actually solve a case.
    Thanks for your comments!


  2. Tragic that the old woman refuses to give up on a rotting house, but I would guess it’s the only home she’s ever had and she can’t imagine living anywhere else. It happens. Well done. Great description. — Suzanne

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    • The house, the old lady, Lisa – take your pick as to who survives. Perhaps both women are buried beneath the rubble and the architecturally valuable house is reconstructed as a pleasant tourist site…

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  3. Classic slapstick. Angela Lansbury (minus the murder) meets Laurel and Hardy… it made me laugh. I’d raise a glass of Pernod to that!

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