Lonely Road

Lonely Road

lone wolf photo‘So Melanie, do you feel part of the team?’

It was Melanie’s six-month review as the psychologist attached to the Child Protection Unit.

Her boss smiled in encouragement.

Good – he hadn’t noticed. Don’t rely on anyone was Melanie’s motto; work alone, don’t socialise. A lone wolf stayed sharp, alert.

That mother who’d accused her ex-husband of abusing their daughter – Melanie had been the only one to see through it. Why did people always believe mothers?

Melanie smiled back. ‘Part of the team? Of course.’

Just one child and it was worth it, then after that one child you kept going.

M J Lewis ©2015

Thanks as ever to Rochelle for hosting the Friday Fictioneers fiction-fest – the best party in town without even having to get out of your pyjamas. Click on this LINK to come in and browse.

Photo this week by Dawn Q Landau

25 thoughts on “Lonely Road

  1. Perhaps all writers need to be a bit like Melanie, a bit single-minded – it’s an odd thing to spend time doing.
    I suspect in person she’s quite spiky.
    Thanks for your kind comments.


    • I like the idea of some sort of spectrum – I was a huge fan of Saga in the Bridge. (But she wasn’t much of a smiler.)
      And the only person being right – probably true, until of course the day she’s spectacularly wrong.


    • Not sure if it’s a low opinion of the rest of the team as such, more that she doesn’t do the group conforming thing.
      And here’s a thought – are there more male loners in fiction than female?
      Thanks for your input – thought provoking stuff!


  2. You unveiled an interesting character in Melanie. She trusts no one but herself and is willing to dig to find the answers. Unfortunately, one nose on the trail is not always better than two (or more). A great opportunity here for a much longer piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d definitely agree that great teams can be a good thing – a range of opinions etc. I’ve also come across some tightly hierarchical lousy teams. It all depends… (I think the pilot who landed his plane on the Hudson river wrote a book about making teams work by allowing everyone an input. Perhaps not quite as simple as that!)
    Thanks for your interest and encouragement.
    ( PS Gerbils – great little team-workers in my experience.)


  4. The problem with idealists is that they are essentially ‘lone wolves’, but if anything gets done, it’s nearly always by the power of the group. The trick is to be oneself and still function as part of the team. I would love to read a continuation of your story, to see what happens to your character further down the line. Good characterisation. 🙂

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  5. Groups can I agree can get stuff done – but not always (through history) the good stuff!
    Have spent the week thinking about groups and individuals. Yes, to be oneself AND part of a team, but that’s not always easy and life can involve choosing either or.
    The Friday Fictioneers of course combine the ideal properties of a supportive group where individuality is also valued!
    Thanks for stopping by and providing food for thought and nourishing encouragement.


    • I’ve just read what I’ve written and I’m not sure I agree with it! My experience with groups has been universally disappointing. I am most certainly a lone wolf. What I wrote must be wishful thinking. 🙂


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