Beyond The Horizon

From his attic room, Hans stares longingly out beyond the line of trees. All winter he’s slept restlessly, in a bed that has grown unaccountably small, dreaming of faraway places.

Head west they say, for a hundred days, and you’ll reach a city where men and goblins walk free and unashamed – women too, of course, and perhaps a goblin girl with a wide smile and coils of green hair.

He’ll wait until the lambing is over and the top field ploughed, for the last hard frost.

Hans! Breakfast!

Hans straightens up, banging his head painfully on a low beam.


M J Lewis ©2015


Oh, those 100 words! Poor Hans was milking a goat, when Rochelle looked over my shoulder and said, Lose the goat! And apologies to any hard working parents and/or porridge makers – you were reduced to two words. What larks! Thanks to all fellow Friday Fictioneers – elves, humans, goblins, whoever – who drop by to play. And of course thanks to Rochelle (at Addicted to Purple) for linking our tales together and to Sandra Crook  for the photo prompt.

Finally, I stand humbly before the very brave, very lovely Terry Pratchett; he will be sadly missed.

18 thoughts on “Beyond The Horizon

  1. Poor daydreaming Hans and his bruised head. Reminds me a bit of my son when he was younger and should have been concentrating on homework rather than on fantasy role playing games on the computer!
    The passing of Terry Pratchett is too sad, following on from the disintegration of his once brilliant mind. But how wonderful that he has left behind a legacy of so many books for people to enjoy.

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    • Thanks for visiting. Yes, Hans reminds me of my son too – who would have gone crazy if he’d had to stay home and plough.
      We have been sadly reading out bits of Terry Pratchett and turning our sadness to laughter.

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  2. For Hans’s sake, I’m glad the lovely goblin girl didn’t wind up cut. A young goblin needs his dreams, even if he does occasionally get bonked on the head for them. A wonderful piece and it sounds like the start of a marvelous tale.

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  3. I have to confess to having met Hans before on a writing course – and even then I think I left him up a ladder, mending a roof. One day, when I’m as wizened as an old apple and he’s still magically 17, perhaps I will actually let him set out to find that goblin girl.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Great story! You got Hans’s longing across brilliantly, and the you brought him back down to reality. The ending made me chuckle.

    It’s too sad Terry Pratchett died, but aren’t we lucky he left us with so many books?

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  5. Hans was going to exclaim, Bugger! which is more of a Terry Pratchett sort of silly swear word, but my daughter thought it might not travel well – language can be so difficult.
    Glad poor Hans gave you a laugh!


  6. My daughter has beautiful deep blue hair at the moment – I’m quite envious and I think the goblin girl would look strange and incredible! I’m glad you agree.


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