Out to Grass

Out to Grass

A fire crew was called today to Sunny Outlook Retirement Home, where a fire had broken out in a conservatory used for growing herbaceous crops. Fortunately, the team of ten fire-officers quickly had the blaze under control.

Resident, Buttercup Meadows (92), described the scene. ‘Plucky young men going about their business with smiles on their handsome faces – beats Bingo any day.’

Gardening resident, Herbert Border (98), was philosophical. ‘All my work up in smoke. But what the Lord gives…’

Tea and cookies were served to the brave fire-officers, who were advised to walk home and return for their vehicle later.


Here we are again at the free festival of Friday fiction, with our graciously creative hostess of peace and love, Rochelle, leading the line-up. Thanks to Roger Bultot for the fiery photo prompt.  For more acts to follow click here. Meanwhile a piece of responsible usage advice from our nonagenarians, Herb and Buttercup. (Yes, I know I’m cheating, but couldn’t fit their conversation into the 100 words.)

‘Even big chaps like those fine firemen need to be careful – that stuff can mess up your memory.’

‘Now who told you that, Herb?’

‘Can’t rightly remember, Buttercup.’

29 thoughts on “Out to Grass

    • Cheech and Chong should definitely get their names down for the Sunny Outlook Retirement Home if they haven’t already.
      I’m not there yet, but I’m hoping to have one of their high-speed stair-lifts installed as recommended by Buttercup – gets you to the top of the stairs before you forget why you needed to go up there.


  1. Gives a whole new meaning to weeding the garden!
    Joking of course myself. My real highs of choice (apart from Friday Fiction of course) are my garden or after a particularly long week a large dose of TV (that’s Tim Vine, nearish neighbour of mine).


  2. Hi to you Bjorn!
    I love the way the whole of Sweden lights up on the WordPress stats page when you visit. (No pun intended, but they’re getting difficult to control.)
    I once went on a quick ferry trip from Denmark to Sweden – lovely sunny day, a guy playing a guitar on the ferry. And there was an old guy like Herb, with his walking frame completely loaded up with cheap Danish beer. Fact can be as strange as fiction…
    Thanks for visiting.


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