Wolf Girl


Wolf Girl

The traveller’s eyes shone bright in the firelight; his cape steamed with the enticing odours of tobacco, damp leaves and the wide reach of the sky beyond the citadel.

‘It is both easier and harder to hunt in the snow: sound and scent are muffled, but there are tracks.  Bloodied prints led us to a rocky outcrop where deep within a cave we found a girl, wrapped in a pelt of pure white, at her breast a wolf-cub of the softest silkiest grey.’

He shifted and held my gaze for all to see, as the memory ached within me.

M J Lewis ©2015

Inspiring photo prompt this week for Friday Fictioneers, from Doug MacIlroy, which I’ll be investigating properly now I’ve used it to go down some weird fantasy route. Can hear someone saying something about snow in Chile. Interesting…

Thanks as ever to our host, Rochelle. Many more stories to read here.

30 thoughts on “Wolf Girl

    • Thanks – I’ve found the observatory now (and had a look around Chile). The photo is amazing isn’t it – I thought of cities, ancient or futuristic.
      I hadn’t thought of Mowgli (which is an amazing story) – a kind of reverse Mowgli maybe?

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  1. I’m very impressed with this piece of writing. It’s beautifully written and has that intriguing last line. It sounds like a piece from a much longer work, as the last line suggests a previous encounter – or perhaps just memories of a meeting with another traveller. But, of course, as a single piece it works superbly.

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