The Water of Life


The Water of Life

After the big people turned yellow and stiff, Ralph made me the cloud singer. Little Joey is the best tree scurrier; Ralph’s gift is trapping and slitting.

Joey said the gibbering visitor might be Jesus, but everyone knows Jesus lives in the clouds. So Ralph jumped him and strung him up, still twitching. The forest will be happy now – tuneful and green and full of berries and eggs; maybe a squealing piglet.

I sang with all my heart and Jesus sent us a heavenly hallelujah soaking of rain to fill the tank and show Ralph did right.

M J Lewis ©2015

Time again for Friday Fiction, with a photo prompt from Madison Woods. For more stories click on this link. Thanks to our gracious host Rochelle and to all Fictioneers who come visiting. (A bit of a dark place this week, even in the sunshine!)

17 thoughts on “The Water of Life

    • Joy and horror (and a large dose of exhaustion) probably describes some aspects of bringing up children, then just get rid of the grown-ups and things really take off!


    • Bjorn is definitely on the money with Lord of the Flies. (Just wrote Lord of the Files, which is equally nightmarish but set in an office – yours if you want it!) Anyway, many many Brits read this at school and can’t deny I’m ‘referencing’ it! There’s the whole 1960s excellent film version on youtube – the children are amazing in it.
      Thanks for coming over to the forest.


    • Spot on! Definitely, shamelessly Lord of the Flies with a bit of Whistle Down the Wind thrown in – where some children think a man hiding out in a barn is Jesus.
      But you might notice how delightfully cooperative my three sun-burnt children are compared with the boys in L of the F!


  1. This sounds like a story I want to read more about. I’ve had to read Lord of the Flies in school, too, and yes, this has the same atmosphere, though less nasty (for now). Great snapshot.

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  2. I’ve never read “Lord of the Flies,” or seen the movie, but I’ve heard enough about it that I thought this was similar also. I also thought it was probably about some future world. I love the reference to “Lord of the Files” set in an office. That’s hilarious. Well done, MJ. 🙂 — Suzanne

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