And the clouds wept to see it all


And the clouds wept to see it all

There was once a robin who fell in love with an oak tree. Through spring showers and balmy summer days, he trilled forth in his fine livery to attract the sun and warm his love’s leaves. In autumn, he admired the turning of emerald to gold.

How quickly my love ages, but how beautifully.

In winter he stayed too long and tumbled unnoticed, to die amongst the moulding leaves.

At least we die together, he sighed.

Waking to her hundredth spring, the oak tree raised her budding limbs to her lover, the sun, as she prepared for the year ahead.

M J Lewis ©2015

This week I’ve come over all allegorical in time for Friday Fiction, hosted by the lovely Rochelle, with contributions from scribblers from around the world at this LINK.


26 thoughts on “And the clouds wept to see it all

  1. But did the robin die in sorrow or in rapture?
    The collared dove told me this morning that requited love has its ups and downs and is not always without its tragedies. Have to write that one sometime!
    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Ah, a nature love triangle. The robin loves the tree, and the tree loves the sun. Sad, but the robin will never know his mistake. Well told and lovely story, M.J. It sounds like an acient fable. 🙂 — Suzanne

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