Should Auld Acquaintance


Should Auld Acquaintance

‘Do you remember that pub, with the jam jar chandeliers?’

There were two of us now, older and not much wiser, where there should have been three. Always the last to leave. A liquid friendship. Lost nights, carelessly mislaid days. We two had more reasons to head home nowadays, but he was the thread that pulled us back together.

‘When he tripped on the way out.’

‘And all the jam jars he’d nicked shattered as he flailed around.’

Now we were laughing and I knew it was a warning sign, but I ignored it anyway.

‘Idiot wasn’t he.’

‘The best.’

M J Lewis ©2015

Wrote a very dark fairy story, then completely changed tack, worried that I’m incapable of writing about the real world any more. For more Friday Fiction with this photo prompt click here. Thanks as ever to our very own multi-talented Fairy Queen, Rochelle, who magically keeps us in order and also provided this week’s photo.

12 thoughts on “Should Auld Acquaintance

  1. Or possibly buffing up your scales as Melusine? Faeries have some of the best stories.
    As regards my tale of a different type of spirit, I predict another long night of drinking that is likely to end in tears, regrets, embarrassment….Older but definitely not wiser.


  2. You went in a different direction, and did wonderfully with it. Lovely memories and nothing dark. Write in the sunshine and you’ll find your muse more cooperative wth your true wishes. Although, I enjoy the darkness, it sometimes holds the most amazing creativity, be proud of yours – you’re very talented!

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  3. You did a great job of writing a story that seemed like reality. With fiction, you can do anything and it’s okay. It sounds like their past is holding them together . Not really a bad thing at all. 🙂 — Suzanne

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