A Lonely Turn in the Road


A lonely turn in the road

If I could turn back time? I wouldn’t even get in the car. And if I had got in? I’d make him stop. Futile questions, pointless answers.

We were hours over the border when he started to shake. It ran out, he said. Or was it, She ran out. Afterwards, I could never be sure.

We fell apart pretty quickly after that, went our separate ways; he to his dream job in medicine. Wonder how he copes with the nightmares. Me? Alone in this empty house; abandoned surely, uninhabited? Waiting for another bleak night, at another lonely turn in the road.

M J Lewis ©2015

Here we are at another Wednesday, another Friday Fiction…It’s a long story, but for other short stories of 100 words, crossing borders and continents, click here. Thanks as ever to our host, writer and artist Rochelle and to The Reclining Gentleman for the photo.


24 thoughts on “A Lonely Turn in the Road

    • Just caught up with last week’s episode of Docor Who on BBC i-player and he recommends never trying to understand – it’s called having an open mind!
      I like ‘darkness’ and ‘mysterious’ and I think that’s the seventh ‘intriguing’ – could be a record in atmospheric incomprehensibility! 🙂

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  1. Is that intriguing number eight? Thanks for the appreciation. 🙂
    Having read your bold piece I think I could have been even more cryptic! I once saw a drama about Queen Victoria in which one of the children said something like, ‘Aren’t you glad Papa introduced the Christmas Tree to England and now he’s working so hard to organise the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace.’
    I was kind of going for the opposite effect where somebody carrying a load of guilt doesn’t just come out and spill the beans, even to herself.


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