While the World Dissolves Around Us


While the World Dissolves Around Us

He parks across from my blue front door and I turn to him. ‘Want to come in for some coffee?’  He’s so lovely, all the confidence I’ve been faking drains away. ‘Y’know, or…

But he’s shy too and his, ‘Or?’ comes out croaky. A caged bird flutters in my ribcage as he takes my hand.

Or…we strip naked and dance in the rain; we paint each other’s names in ten-metre-high letters; we sit here forever, as the street lights shatter to diamonds and the world dissolves around us.

But all I say is, ‘Or, I do have some hot chocolate.’

M J Lewis ©2015

In times of strife, take a deep breath and count to one hundred – one hundred words that is. Bit of a crazy week so far and half expected something angry to appear on the page. So what did we get – a call from the muse of love!

Many thanks firstly to Bjorn whose story supplied me with one vital two-letter word, full of possibilities. (Hope he’ll see it an inspiration rather than plagiarism.) A thank you to all who drop by and most especially to our newly liberated host, Rochelle, who also supplied the photo this week.

Click here for more rain soaked stories, where you might also notice I have come out, indeed emerged from behind my foxglove, with the same haircut only half a century on.

41 thoughts on “While the World Dissolves Around Us

    • Thanks Tracey. Coincidentally,
      I wrote this and then caught up with the Joe Wright film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Mr Bingley’s/the actor’s delightful shyness over his proposal to Jane had me laughing and crying – I think many of us have been there.

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  1. I’d like to think even with the internet doing most things for us (including courtship) that loaded coffee moment is still alive and well and pretty universally understood.


  2. I love this. The dancing in the rain sounds just rught, but with the shy, she might scare him away. So, first chocolate, then cuddling etc., then dancing naked. 😉

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  3. A new category – there must be cuddling! Thanks for your appreciation.
    Just been reminded by Amazon to review my recent purchase of a DVD of Jane Austen’s Persuasion – as if I need to add to the hundreds already there. Realising people do connect with romance – which I guess is not such a surprise and really rather nice!


  4. Chocolate, cuddles, nude dancing, the ten-metre-high letters, fast, slow… Don’t think it really matters as long as it’s loving and consensual.
    But what happens if one wants to dance and the other wants something else… Ask Tina!


    • Indeed who knows where…Things have to start somewhere and hot chocolate is as good a place as any.
      PS The first episode of River is a love story too – all types of love…
      Thanks for visiting.


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