Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

The summer of ’76: O levels, no rain for 3 months, Elton John and Kiki Dee faking it at number one.

I was going out with a gorgeous blue-eyed boy in the lower sixth; we’d lie in the dust under the apple trees for hours, kissing. But truth is, I was already fascinated by you.

I could hear your swishy skirt, feel your eyes on the back of my neck as I bent over English Lit. Paper B at my exam desk in the school gym. Two marriages, three children, several cats later – why did it take us so long?

M J Lewis©2015

This is my 100 words (not counting that title) for Friday Fictioneers hosted by the wonderful Rochelle. Thanks to Connie Meyer for the photo. Click here for more stories.

(For the youthful and the non-Brits, O levels were exams taken at age 16 in the olden days, before GCSEs.  And the lower sixth is now year 11. And Elton John…Think that’ll do.)



29 thoughts on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

  1. Hah, it was a hot summer that year where I live, too. I slaved away in a clothes factory at that time. Your sentence threw me right back. And yes, we were barely starting to guess, back then. Wonderful story,better late than never indeed.

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  2. I guess sometimes it takes time to admit certain things to yourself but they got there in the end.
    Is it weird that the phrases “O Levels” and “exam desk in the school gym” brought me out in a sudden panic even after all these years? 🙂

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  3. Hadn’t really thought hard about the potent mix of love and exams (and teenage hormones) – but you’re right about the combination. That picture just said 1976 to me, which is when I took my O levels at 16. The rest of this piece is fiction (more or less!).


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