The Dorset Giant


The Dorset Giant

He hides in full sight, his noble profile surveying the vast ocean. He has seen blood on this beach, the bludgeon and greed of the smugglers’ grim craft; ship wrecks and battles of sea and sky.

Today he yawns a dripping cave and winks a grass-fringed sleepy eye to the toddler who plays on the sand below. The seabirds bring him news of his cousins the clouds, his brethren the rivers and valleys, but for now he slumbers. For he knows, all this will pass and one day he will rise again and reclaim the land that is rightly his.

M J Lewis ©2015

Dorset is truly heaven on Earth, so thank you Sandra for your photo for this week’s Friday Fiction, and thanks to Rochelle for educating us, entertaining us and uniting us all as ever.

If you’re ever down Dorset way check out the Moonfleet Manor Hotel, not that I can afford those prices. The novel of the same name (Moonfleet by John Meade Falkner) is the classic smugglers tale, but I prefer the gothic brilliance of Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn. (NOT the awful Hitchcock film!)

One day I will return to Dorset as a seagull and live on chips and cream teas. Click here for more fiction from around the globe.



29 thoughts on “The Dorset Giant

    • Thanks Rochelle. You’ll have to visit us one day and stay at the a amazing Moonfleet Manor Hotel.
      I did enjoy the emotional and educational journey of your Thanksgiving tale.


  1. The tale of the sleeping giant is really powerful, I love every word of this (needless to say that I stared at the picture and tried to find his features 😀 ). Wonderful imaginative story, and a beautiful tribute to a place you obvously love very much.

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  2. Perhaps a bit of smuggling on the side to finance a visit? I just love the ‘fantastic blend of colonial-feel furnishings and stylish modernity’ plus there’s a dog you can take for a walk.


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