The Best Holiday Ever

The Best Holiday Ever


The Best Holiday Ever

Chateau or Tepee? Mountains or beach? No contest; the half-term my sister was born and it rained all week.

Dad away, on business he said, we shut the curtains and had an indoors holiday. Mum lovely in peachy slip, wild curly hair and pink lipstick; sister swaddled like a tiny milk-bottle. Porridge for lunch, baked-beans for tea; silly games, daft jokes.

And nighttimes, floating off to dreamland on the wide, high raft of the big bed as my brother sang a lullaby, so sweet the tears trickled down our Mum’s cheeks and onto the dark head suckling at her breast.

M J Lewis ©2016

This is completely fictional (and I have strayed far from the prompt!) but I will say, in this wild wide world of extremes and excitement, tucked away in my store of memories are many of the simplest pleasures of life.

Thanks as always to the amazing Rochelle. For a stroll on the sandy beach of Friday fictional delights click here. Thanks to C. E. Ayr for the photo.

32 thoughts on “The Best Holiday Ever

  1. This is lovely, full of beautiful moments. I wonder though, if mum’s tears really are caused by the tears, or the fact that dad ‘said’ he’s on a business trip. I like this moment of doubt.

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  2. Lovely. It’s not where we go, it’s who we’re with. It sounds like they’re in for a rude awakening with Dad, though – the narrator seems to know or suspect that Dad’s business trips… aren’t 🙂

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  3. You really described the narrator’s feelings and memories in such a vivid way. I wondered about the father who could be away when his wife gave birth. The child would see this vacation as ideal while the mother might see it as very tragic.

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  4. Beautiful. Your story swept me up and off into the scene. I love how you’ve sown the seed of doubt about the father, and Mum’s tears, side be side with the picture of a blissful family time.

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