The Wisdom of Morvik



The Wisdom of Morvik

Rejoice! The warriors of the tribe, who have wandered many moons, lost and desolate in the far citadel, have returned. Behold the bounty of strange gifts they bear!

Now I the elder, in ritual robes, solemnly unseal the book of myths and intone the powerful magic of the ancients.

‘Right. So take side A and crosspiece b and screw C1…’

‘Crosspiece B? That won’t work.’

‘Are you questioning the holy runes or my authority as elder and interpreter?’

‘Just shut up and give it here!’

And so the eternal struggle for kingship continues over the building of the IKEA wardrobe.

M J Lewis ©2016

Yes folks, Morvik really is an IKEA wardrobe. And indeed my husband and daughter are attaching wardrobe doors upstairs as I write. (I’m not daft – I’m keeping well out of it.) I did almost call this Game of Wardrobes, but that would have given it away too soon.

Many thanks to Rochelle our host at Friday Flash Fiction and to Kent Bonham for the intriguing photo.

Click here for a soundly constructed cupboardful of stories, or should I say a cupboardful of soundly constructed stories.

34 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Morvik

    • What would we do without IKEA? We have some Ivar shelves too. So useful!
      My daughter has the smallest bedroom in the house. She has just sold an IKEA chest of drawers – not needed now she has the new wardrobe. But she also still has a bookcase, a CD cabinet and another tall chest or drawers – all from guess where!

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    • Never been to IKEA! I’d love to show you round.
      My two offspring are children of IKEA – my son first went there in a baby-sling; their bedrooms are full of customised IKEA furniture and when they went off to Uni they first raided the IKEA kitchen and bedding departments…

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  1. Ha ha! Add to that a man who refuses to read instructions unless he absolutely positively could not figure out that one bloody piece… Ahhh, the joys of Ikea! Have a few pieces myself…

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