The Lambing Barn


The Lambing Barn

Placental blood and ewe’s milk: but she was used to the smell by now. Head down, pouring cider from the heavy flagon, the girl ignored the remarks of the hired men.

He was at the far end, one hand braced on the floor, one inside the ewe. She stood silently, watching. A pause, a long pulling together of anticipation and with a rush of liquid and an almost human bleat from the animal the sac slid onto the straw. The lamb was tiny, but alive.

He looked up. ‘She’s two more already – this one’ll need mothering.’

‘You mean  me?’

M J Lewis 2016

Here we are at Friday Fiction and it’s already Sunday. Thanks to our host the writer and artist Rochelle and, for the photo, thanks to Sandra Crook, a regular at Friday Fiction (and often the first to post).

What I know about lambing could be written on the back of a postage stamp – remember those? – but we’re all mammals, so based this on my own experience. Any sheep farmers out there are welcome to put me right on the details!


24 thoughts on “The Lambing Barn

    • Now I don’t eat meat and I wouldn’t like to have to kill an animal, but I’m fascinated rather than revolted by the start of life. I remember going out to see calves born when I stayed in farm guest houses on family holidays.
      We also fed orphan lambs from bottles – they’re just woolly babies!


  1. Birth is a natural process, why should it be revolting? Of course, coming out of eggs would be less messy… 😉 Great story, great atmosphere. I think the girl will love to mother the lamb.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even better than an egg maybe, I had a discussion once with a midwife about how much easier it would all be if we were marsupials – for the mother and the midwife.
      Thanks for coming into the lambing barn!


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