Data Retrieval


Data Retrieval

Artefact MJL108F is obsolete and fragile, but is believed to be saturated with valuable data. It is therefore vital that retrieval precedes elimination. So far she has failed to cooperate.

‘Tell me about your last position.’

Before the Era of Adjustment MJL108F was a government Mathematician, but she usually rambles on about her garden and her grandchildren. Today she unrolls a tiny scroll of paper and runs her bony fingers over the strange symbols.

‘You will consent to the procedure?’

Her moist sparkling eyes meet mine.

‘No, but I’ll teach you. You strike me as a particularly persistent young woman.’

M J Lewis 2016

Welcome to all who visit Friday Fiction, hosted by the writer and artist Rochelle. Thanks to Amy Reese for the photo.To visit a shiny store of stories click here.

19 thoughts on “Data Retrieval

  1. Dear Archon of the Den,
    108 is a lovely number – the product of two squared and three cubed. Could also be the fragile old artefact’s age but since she was born before everyone was sensibly micro-chipped she might be a vague about this or even rely on a piece of paper (!) to prove her age.
    I certainly feel obsolete when I read some of the stuff on the internet, but I’m not yet 108, or even have grandchildren.
    Thanks for the visit.

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    • Teaching just sometimes feels as if everything is draining from your memory banks, but is generally accepted as a less harmful process.
      The best teaching is an exchange of knowledge with young and old – my daughter is teaching me more things to do on my phone. I hope I’ve taught her a little along the way.
      I suppose this tiny piece is a satirical plea to value are human artefacts. If we’re lucky we’ll all get there one day.


  2. MJL, huh? A mathematician? I stand in awe before the obsolete artefact. And clever too, teaching is a brilliant plot. They get what they want, but at her terms. Great story.

    Liked by 1 person

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