Words in Progress


Words in Progress

Thursdays I’m on the front desk with Miriam who has never read a book in her life, but has a 99.9% rating for library fine collection.

An elderly man approaches. Please let him ask about a book.

Man: I think I left my scarf in the library.

Miriam: You’ll need to describe it Sir.

Me: It’ll be one of those things you wrap around and around your neck. (Opens drawer.)

Miriam: (Hand on drawer.) He’s supposed to describe it first.

We are surrounded by a sea of words, a wide wondrous ocean of love and learning, and I am drowning in banality.

M J Lewis 2016

Love your library! I am lucky enough to have two wonderful libraries nearby where I can work, relax, socialise and READ. I also spend not-so-idle moments watching and listening.

Welcome all to Rochelle‘s Friday Flash Fiction bonanza, with a photo this week from Lucy Fridkin. (Please note the photo is copyright and should only be used in conjunction with Friday Fiction or with the photographer’s permission.) To sail away on a sea of fiction follow this link.

25 thoughts on “Words in Progress

  1. I really value any access to a fine library. Sadly in England they are disappearing as people and society change. Few libraries are financially able to adapt to survive. Even many university libraries seem to be these days totally course driven.

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    • Thanks Iain. I was hoping to capture some of the more irritating aspects of modern working life – I don’t work in a library either and it was safer to use a library setting rather than my real workplace!

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  2. HaaHaaa! (laughter) Why? Reminds me of my frequent loss of flash drives… not just any drives, but character shaped drives. When I fill them with writing I stick them up on a shelf. Anyway, this just reminded me of the time not so long ago (November) when I misplaced not the flashdrive itself but the other half – Yoda’s head. You should have seen the look on the new librarian’s face when I asked: “Have you seen Yoda’s head lying around anywhere?” It was too precious. LOL! “Shhh…” the librarian just shushed me for laughing again…LOL!

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  3. Aaaah, never read a book–I know people like that. Unbelievable. We never had the wonderful libraries where I live that I’ve encountered in Canada (and suppose are similar in the US). For me, the invention of ebooks is a dream come true. I’m carrying my own library with me, whenever I want. I have so much to read, I hardly know where to start. Why couldn’t that have been invented when I was younger? This is heaven… Err, sorry. This is a great story, and I love the last sentence.

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      • LOL. I had/have many ‘real’ books, too. But then I moved to Canada and back. What to take? Damn, they’re heavy. Why can’t I buy all of them? Books are expensive in Germany. Where are the boxes with my books? Books… need books… Driving in the car a lot. Ebooks! Can be read in the dark. Don’t take much space. Are less expensive, especially if I want to read the original (English) version. One small device, hundreds of books… Hah!

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