If I Could Locate My Heart…


If I could locate my heart…

I pay the taxi and slip along the long drive in unsuitable shoes, suitcase bumping my legs, past snowdrops dusted with snow. So lovely.

(Snowdrops in snow, foxes in gloves; a toad in a hole, a kiss for your two lips.)

The dining room will be cold as a cave. (Puts the mice off! ) You in scarf and dressing-gown, reading the paper.

Gavel opens the huge front door – ‘Morning Miss’ – as if I’ve just nipped out for cigarettes. ‘There’s coffee.’ He pauses. ‘And a fire.’

I hurry up the stone steps past sleeping lions. A fire!

It might begin to melt.

M J Lewis 2017

Here’s my 100 words for Friday Fiction, hosted by the writer Rochelle and this week with a beautiful chilly photo from Sarah Potter.

Not quite spring yet, but signs of it in my garden in the form of a tiny patch of snowdrops. I seem to have gone off on some country house vibe – did see a long drive lined with snowdrops, the house out of sight around the corner, when out walking last week.

Thanks to all who visit and especially to those who come on in and comment. Tea and toasted crumpets anyone?  (Might need UK/US translation!)



23 thoughts on “If I Could Locate My Heart…

  1. It’s the words in parenthesis that intrigue me the most. The first set feels almost like a nursery rhyme. The second set is decidedly real world, yet somehow feels a little like logic as thought up by the Queen of Hearts. It makes me think the primary resident has a quixotic sort of nature, and makes me wonder what could have driven the protagonist to return to it.

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    • Quixotic – what a lovely word! I think you’ve got his number – yes that cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face logic. If your toes are suffering frostbite, the mice will be suffering too or absent. She might be wondering too why she’s returned, but at least there’s coffee, and a fire! Thanks for the thoughtful read!


  2. I love the way you’ve expressed yourself here, and the italics really work. There’s something quite special about this story. I get the feeling that Gavel is well used to her disappearances and reappearances. You leave me wanting to know more about their relationship, and yet the mystery is part of the magic..

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  3. I so love the mystery in this… but most of all those words in parenthesis that could be a red herring, a compulsive mumbling or a true lead. There is something of the story that reminds me of the main character in Rebecca… maybe it’s the youthful enthusiasm coupled with that cold mansion… “Last night I dreamed of Manderley…”

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  4. Beautiful, from beginning to end. I love how you close the arc and I think she’s found her heart. Snowdrops are lovely here, too, atm. We never planted any, they just show up.

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    • Thanks for your lovely comments. Ah, you noticed the arc! I’ve planted snowdrops and they’ve not grown properly and the ones that have always been there in my garden are thriving. I think they do their own thing.


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