A Fair Wind


A Fair Wind

The seventh of seven daughters, and all my sisters married, I was promised to a merchant of Moorish extraction in exchange for a cargo of Madeira.

The wine – sweet and rich, the colour of menstrual blood – restored my father’s fortune and I insisted on a male tutor, fair skinned but well-travelled. I mastered algebra and anatomy; the constellations and the continents; theology and food storage.

When my ship comes in I will not be locked in any fine palace, tending a full womb. There will be but two courses to navigate: to sail by my husband’s side or escape.

M J Lewis 2017

It’s Friday and so I’m late for Friday Fiction. I can only plead fantastic gardening weather. All hail to Rochelle, our indefatigable host, and to Fatima Fakier Deria for the nautical photo.

Thanks to all who visit and a huge thank you to those who stay and chat.

I dedicate this piece to all those (children and adults – you know who you are!) who have questioned the part algebra has to play in a well-rounded education.

27 thoughts on “A Fair Wind

    • As the author of her fate I’d say she might have highs and lows, but she is certainly not doomed! Trouble ahead no doubt (and most especially for her husband methinks)…but that’s fiction for you.

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  1. She really is well prepared for whatever comes her way. A smart husband would call himself lucky with her sailing by his side. Great writing.

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  2. This was a powerful piece. I can only hope the man chosen for her will be one that is open-minded and happy to have such a knowledgeable and capable woman by his side. It takes a strong man to side with a strong woman. I, too, loved the descriptions!

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  3. I think she still has her work cut out, but she has come a long way. Cultural attitudes and role expectations can be so deeply ingrained in societies where women are viewed as possessions (PS I’m hopeless at algebra, so am glad my independence has never depended upon it!). I agree with everybody else who’s commented, wonderful descriptions.

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