Life and Other Distractions


Life and Other Distractions

My daughter once built magical cities from wooden IKEA blocks and now studies Architecture. My son pestered his patient teacher with ‘why’ questions: Why did they vote for Hitler in the first place? This month he takes his History finals.

In my empty nest I finally had time to write, but when spring came I stuffed my unfinished manuscript inside a tree trunk. (Who am I kidding, delusional fool – it was barely started!) Instead I meandered for miles by a river, tended a flower garden, volunteered on a farm and trained as a children’s mentor.

Wonder what I’ll do when I grow up?

(Genre: unreliable memoir, 100 words, or so)

Miranda Lewis 2017

Welcome to Friday Flash Fiction, hosted by the talented writer Rochelle and with a photo this week from Sandra Crook. Thanks to all who drop by and especially those who stay to comment.

Please respect the copyright of the author and the photographer.

Here is a link to my daughter’s Instagram of her beautiful final pieces for this year.

26 thoughts on “Life and Other Distractions

  1. Really enjoyed your story. There are lots of us still wondering what to do when we grow up. I think the manuscript would reach completion this time with all those additional experiences under the belt.

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    • I can relate to your life story! I trained as a Chemist originally (never got as far as PhD) and worked as a Science then Maths teacher. I’ve always been a very creative all-rounder – sewing, gardening, along with loving reading and writing. Modern life tends to put people in boxes – you’re right about staying open and child-like.
      My goal for the future is to try and maintain child-like qualities and wonder, but add a bit more adult commitment and prioritising!
      (PS That is after I finish the Growing Vegetables course I’m currently taking and when I’ve completed decorating my son’s room…)


  2. Dear Miranda,

    How well I relate to your last line. I’ve often asked myself the same question. As you know I consider growing up to be optional…I choose not to. Well done. Your daughter is very talented, too.



    PS The empty nest makes room for the hatching of our own dreams.

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    • Thanks for your lovely comments and for looking in on my daughter’s studio in Edinburgh, Scotland!
      For the moment I’m keeping those dreams warm for future hatching!


  3. I say she should unstuff that unfinished manuscript from the tree and finish it… after she has weeded, of course! One can do both, you know!

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  4. Well written. Meandering musings are nice too. I work in software development where the programming languages and flavours keep changing year to year and change is the only constant. Writing flash fiction keeps me sane for now 🙂

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  5. I left teaching last year after more than 30 years. Things kept changing there too, but also becoming more and more complicated for their own sake, rather than their original purpose. I sometimes felt as if I’d joined an obscure religious order. Keeping creative and sane is vital.Glad flash fiction helps!


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