Happy New Gardening Year


Happy New Gardening Year

A trip outside the post-Christmas fug to the compost bin reveals green shoots in sodden soil: the promise of snowdrops, the loveliest of flowers. The days lengthen, the world renews itself despite our dulled perception it is otherwise.

To plant a garden is to open oneself to sweet celebration – spring tulips and forget-me-nots, summer lavender and roses – but also disappointment, failures, the need to shrug and carry on.

For whatever, after summer will come the dying days of autumn – pruning, leaf gathering, the fragrant harvest of rot and decay. Until, once more, that long deep sigh of winter.

Miranda Lewis 2017

I’m either very late to Friday Fiction or just in time to wish Friday fiction contributors and all who visit a very happy and productive new year. May your adjectives be apt and your adverbs few. Thanks as ever to our host Rochelle and to Ted Strutz for the photo.

And of course, good gardening. My resolution for 2018 – lots of flowers (always!) but more vegetables too.

2017-04-15 11.42.27


12 thoughts on “Happy New Gardening Year

  1. Dear Miranda,

    As I huddle beside a heater, reading about the spring and summer with greenery and flowers is pleasant. Sweet capture of the seasons. Only -15ºC in Missouri 😉 So Christine in Canada wins the Cold Prize. Happy New Year!



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    • We have mild wet weather here. Actually a cold snap would be excellent for the garden. Some bulbs love the cold and more importantly slugs and snails hate it. Not much consolation when you’re shivering by the heater? All the best for 2018!

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    • The thing about gardening is for every failure nature (and indeed luck) usually provides a compensation. Some say gardening is a metaphor for life. I suspect it’s the other way around for me.
      All the best for 2018.

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