Since ewe asked…


Since ewe asked…

How’s it going? Pretty well, thank you. But then I’ve never been one for dairy, well not in a while anyway. It’s easy peasy actually – very few decisions, even less washing up and lots and lots of lovely relaxing chewing. Munch, munch and munch; regurgitate and munch all over again.

Lots of greens obviously. And when greens are a bit scarce, dried greens. So basically, your greens and your browns. And just look at me! Bright eyes, beautiful woolly coat. What’s not to like @veganuary!

PS Just don’t ask me about dry January.

Miranda 2019

What a lovely picture.Thank you Crispina over at Crimson’s Creative Challenge #11.

5 thoughts on “Since ewe asked…

  1. That’s brilliant. Love it. BTW: the field of grasses here being munched I had seen the previous year was rich in a variety of flowering plants and grasses. And to the best of my knowledge, it’s all organic. 🙂

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      • These wild flowers are grown for the sake of honey-bees. Today’s farmers have to know how to diversify.
        BTW: close by these sheep (longer by footpath than the cut across fields) are the ‘happy’ pigs I featured a few weeks back. 🙂


  2. Heh, that’s brilliant. That sheep looks content and well, it certainly is happy with its vegan diet. I admit, I would have a hard time without cheese.

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