Exit Stage Left

icy steps

Exit Stage Left

I still like to look my best – my red coat with the high collar, a decent heel. It’s a smaller audience nowadays of course, but there’s the usual flutter of applause, the appreciative twitter. I bow my coiffured head in acknowledgement and reach for the rail to descend the stairs.


‘You’ve gone really pale.’

‘It’s that old crow at the end house. Says here she slipped and died in her own garden.’

‘What was she doing outside in this weather?’

‘Feeding the birds, it says. She was an understudy to the stars, there’s an old photo.’

‘Wow, what a beauty!’

Miranda Lewis 2020

Well this is a first, sending out my Friday Flash Fiction on the Wednesday…

Greetings to all those stepping out around the world and most especially to our leading lady, Rochelle who also provides the photo this week.

Thanks to all who visit and especially those who stay to comment.

31 thoughts on “Exit Stage Left

  1. Well played. Feeding the birds clicked with “appreciate (appreciative?) twittering.” It’s really sad that’s she clings to her faded stardom to the point that she dresses up to feed the birds. I guess we all keep our best selves in our heads and hope others see it.

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    • Thanks for the heads up on the mistake – ‘appreciative’ it is! I then noticed an ‘appreciation’ in the next sentence which I’ve changed! Funny how you don’t see this in your own work – I sometimes read my piece on my phone and see errors more clearly.
      It’s sad that she’s alone, but I think it’s better that she dresses up if only for the birds than she lets herself fall apart. She might actually think they’re a real audience and then we could really get philosophical – is reality that important if she’s happy?
      I appreciate your comment!


      • I hate typos. I think in our own work, our brains know what’s supposed to be there and autocorrects.

        Reality’s overrated. Just ask Walter Mitty. It’s also underrated in our virtual world.

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  2. Many layers to this story. The one that stays with me is “old crow’ and “what a beauty.” Both said of the same person. We need to remember that all the old crows were young once, and have stories to tell and wisdom to share.

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