Dinner and Delusion


Dinner and Delusion

You should have seen their faces.

Gavel parked the Rolls outside the restaurant – more of a pub really. He held the door and I lifted my silk gown high over the melting snow. We’d already had a cheeky sherry and giggled our way inside, Stefan so handsome in that old suit with the lapels.

I quickly realised how drunk Stefan actually was – a sherry or half a bottle of vodka? He could hardly sit up, let alone order. So much for our romantic dinner.

What was it that girl said to me? ‘You with Steve?’ ‘Stefan,’ I corrected and she laughed out loud.

Miranda Lewis 2020

Welcome to Friday Fiction and to my 100-word tale that can be read alone, or indeed in a small gathering of family members or friends isolating together. It can also be read as the third in a series, the first episode written in February 2017 and the second in February 2018. If I’m planning on turning this into a novel I probably won’t live long enough.

On that cheery thought, if you have been reading thank you. Do come right in and comment.

For safe travel around a world of stories click here. Many thanks as ever to our host Rochelle. And to Dale all hale for the snowy scene. (And actually Dale if you’re visiting, you also provided the snowy photo back in February 2018.)

20 thoughts on “Dinner and Delusion

  1. Yes, well I guess if she’s infatuated her first thought will be, “I can save him from himself…” I do hope not, though! I enjoyed that story; it’s nicely put together and fluently written.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did I really? You have made me go see and Oh. Em. Gee… I EVEN TITLED IT THE SAME!!! When I saw my title had a (2), I didn’t bother to go see… 🙄😳
    K. ’nuff about me… (still shaking my head, though!)

    Doesn’t this: “‘Stefan’, I corrected and she laughed out loud.” say it all? The jig is up, Steve – and hopefully your MC will wake up sooner than later…
    I then went back to read parts 1 and 2 and yanno… if you continue this (and I think you should), maybe write a chapter a little more often than once per year!!

    Liked by 1 person

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