The Trees are coming…

The Trees Are Coming

Lucky us – a beautiful house in a tree-lined road! The gutters filled with Autumn leaves, but we bought a strong ladder.

You gave me that look when I said the old Lime Tree out front was growing too quickly. Its branches clawed the windows. You too stopped sleeping. The road split in two, masonry fell from houses. A sapling appeared in the sitting room.

If I wake at night now, it is to fox call or grunt of badger. Blackbird greets my day. That ladder takes me from sleeping platform of salvaged floorboards to mossy forest floor, where I sit… and breathe.  

Miranda Lewis 2021

Greeting Friday Fictioneers, from this cold London Wednesday. The sky is blue, the clouds are perfect and the narcissus are managing to push through the frozen earth and remains of snow. Whatever else has turned upside down in this world, it’ll soon be spring.

Thanks as ever to our host and reader/writer in chief, Rochelle and to Alicia Jamtaas for the wonderful photo. For more home-grown tales click here. Thanks to all who visit and most especially those who stay to comment.

Also posted in Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Planet

39 thoughts on “The Trees are coming…

  1. Since Monday, here in the land of Kentucky, USA, we’ve acquired about 12 inches of snow, with a layer of ice between. It’s cold, 20F this morning. A good day to hunker down and read your wonderful story. Thinking that spring will soon be here is a good thing. I can dream that the crocus will soon be ready to make their appearance. Combine that hope with the magic of your story, and it will be a nice backdrop to the day. 🙂 ❤

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    • I had to look up 20F in Celsius. We haven’t dropped that far yet this winter but hunkering we are indeed also doing. Glad my story brought a bit of warmth on a chilly day. Such a lovely comment! I don’t have crocuses but tulips and narcissus are on the way and snowdrops are already here. Thank you.

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    • But living without it will cost us more in the end! Just passed yet another driveway being completely paved over on my walk out…My tiny front garden is still green and living – soaks up water, keeps the house cool in summer, is a cut-through for cats and foxes and a home to invertebrates and is about to burst forth with spring flowers any day!

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