Your Fortune, Your Choice

Your Fortune, Your Choice

May your Love be beautiful and your children industrious.

May your days be short and your nights long.

Or vice versa.

And when that petrol guzzling, pollution spewing, metal box
you insist on driving finally gives up the ghost
may it not be with a crunch of brick on metal on glass on bone on soft tissue,
but with a gentle splutter
beside a meadow,
where you will walk
through wildflowers to a perfect little stone house
with June roses blooming around the door,
a fruit orchard beside
and a For Sale sign holding up the rickety gate post.  

Miranda Lewis 2021

Welcome to Friday Fiction, with our esteemed host Rochelle. Thanks to all who visit and especially those who stay to comment. Thanks to to Liz Young for the photo.

(For more instructions do visit Rochelle’s post on the link above. Please don’t post the photo for any other purpose than to join the fun.)

I have been reading Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones and loved her description of setting up a poetry stall at an event in her local town and just writing…. no re-reading, no revising just writing off the top of her head for the recipient and the universe.
SO, I’m having a go at writing fortunes just straight off, 5 minutes max – a photo is a great start. I did have to revise this one a little because it came in over the word count, but mostly it is as it is…Good practice for writer’s block, writer’s perfectionism and all sorts of common writing aliments and now yours for the taking – your fortune, your choice…

23 thoughts on “Your Fortune, Your Choice

  1. I did a free writing exercise yesterday. For two hours, I covered my screen, and just wrote whatever came into my mind. No editing, backspaces etc. It looked a bit of a mess, but I’ll definitely do it again!

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    • It is truly liberating! I’m loving Writing Down the Bones. It’s part of the reading list for a course I’m doing so I’m hoping it bodes well for the course.


    • I’m a big worrier when it comes to writing – I’m learning to let it just flow sometimes, trust my instincts which doesn’t come naturally to me. And you know what, it works! Thanks Neil.


  2. I love this, it nicely contrasts technology with close-to-nature. We need to combine the two. And it is lovely to see you here again. Great idea with the free write. I sometimes do that to get to know my characters 🙂

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    • Great idea for developing characters! I’m enjoying taking the pressure off my writing for now and just having fun after writing a play I liked, and then another I gave up on and fell out of love with, followed by a very long gap in writing…

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      • I understand. I often read the advice that writing is work, and not always fun, you need to trudge through it. Which is certainly true to some extend. But I think it needs to be enjoyable as well, because, why else do it? I’m glad you’re getting the fun back.

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