The New Woodsman

The New Woodsman

They said the new woodsman had broken the bank, crashed his Jag, killed his wife. And I said, they said too much.

Springtime I traded my ex-husband’s discarded jacket and a bottle of whisky for a sack of charcoal. Later he mended my fences.

They said the new woodsman slept on a bed of moss, never washed and had a tail tucked down his patched old trousers. When I saw him rise naked from the river, shaking ribbons of sunlight from his shaggy mane, I knew at least two of those were untrue.

And I said, second time lucky. Maybe.

Miranda Lewis

Welcome to Friday flash fiction here on a Wednesday, hosted by the indefatigable Rochelle and with a great photo from Alicia Jamtaas that sent me straight back to a little woodland tale/tail of yesteryear. So it’s Friday reprieve time – hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to all who visit and most especially those who stay to comment. For more woodland frolics from around the globe click here.

42 thoughts on “The New Woodsman

  1. Wickedness dozed just right…and judging by a few of the comments (ie ‘delicious’ etc!) the wee tale…um……..hit the right spot!

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    • I have never read anything by AN so have just ordered Her Fearful Symmetry through an online independent booksellers site, to take with me in a couple of weeks for my relaxing camping holiday – relaxing outside with a book if it’s warm, blanket and book in the tent if it rains! Thanks for your lovely comment.

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    • Hadn’t thought of the werewolf aspect! Watch out for that full moon!
      I just find it interesting that readers forget or at least dismiss (as do I too) that there is a suggestion he might have killed his wife… we’re all so easily distracted by a bit of skinny dipping!

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      • I think readers dismiss it, because he lives an eccentric life but not a secret one. If these tales about the bank and wife were true, wouldn’t the cops have found him? In any case, he’s a mysterious and intriguing chatacter, who doesn’t stink. 😉

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