The Catomato


The Catomato

M J Lewis 2016; ceramic and organic vegetable matter

The Catomato stands at 10cm high and is currently located on the kitchen table. A unique combination of tomato from the back garden and ceramic cat, it highlights the dangers of genetically modified crops to the environment and to cats in particular. There are no plans to create a large scale model of the Catomato in the centre of Sutton.

The Night Visitors


The Night Visitors

Though I say so myself, we’re a crack team: Tabby and the Ginger Ninja.

Midnight, Christmas Eve and I’m helping out with the washing-up – a late supper of scrambled eggs and mackerel – when Ginge takes a shine to the stuffed robin half-way up the Douglas fir dressed-to-kill in the corner. He’s clinging to the trunk, swiping a left hook, when the whole thing starts to topple. There’s a splattering of baubles, a shower of tinsel and we’re away before anyone can yell, ‘Timber!’

Bless my ruff and whiskers, Ginger has that robin nestled safely between his canines. What a team!

M J Lewis ©2015

If you’re reading this in bed on Christmas Eve and wondering about those odd noises downstairs, you’re probably okay – more likely Father Christmas knocking back the sherry than Tabby and Ginger up to no good.

A peaceful holiday to all who visit. Thanks to our host Rochelle and all the other folks here at Friday Fiction and to Scott L. Vannatter for the photo.