The Cupcake Factory

The Cupcake Factory


The Cupcake Factory

Her smooth creamy voice was muffled behind the white mask. ‘So these are the controls for the ordinary ingredients – flour, sugar, egg, raising agent.’

With a sanitised gloved hand she yanked each lever.

‘But I thought…’

‘Ah, it’s all in the topping – who bothers about the actual cake? This batch is for…’ She consulted a clipboard. ‘A leaving do.  We’ll set it for Nostalgia and Bonhomie with an after-taste of…It’s your first day, you decide.’

I scanned the dials. ‘Satisfaction and Contentment? Warmth and Relaxation? No, Guilt and Paranoia.’

‘Nice one. I can see you’re going to fit right in.’

M J Lewis ©2015

Thanks to Claire Fuller for this strange photo, full of fictional potential. My daughter tells me it’s a system found in many libraries and also that it featured in an episode of the BBC’s New Tricks, where Brian narrowly escaped being crushed to death. (My daughter also demonstrated what to do if someone tries this – whoever said fiction doesn’t teach you useful life skills?)

I, however, saw a Cupcake Factory. I have fluffy confectionery on the brain this week (don’t ask!), but I will also acknowledge a huge debt to Doug’s fine story (of Solitude, Mystery, Love and Beauty) that I read earlier today and somehow just wouldn’t go away.

Thanks to our gracious Friday Fiction host, Rochelle. To find out what other treats have been cooked up around the globe click here.