Counter Encounters


Counter Encounters

Awake since four, Melissa rocks her sling-snuggled baby from one tired leg to the other. Her voice is weary, inaudible. The middle-aged man behind scowls, inspects his watch.

Tea please, a pot, she repeats.

Simon: tall, clumsy, seventeen; his first day. His hands have been shaking all morning. Teapot?

Tell you what, I’ll bring it over.

Melissa smiles gratefully. Thanks!

Her baby yawns and catches the divine scent of his mother, the rainbow dancing on her lovely brow, the soft undulations of her voice. Mmmm! he sighs and, Ahhh! Has he said this aloud?

The man grins. Sweet little chap.

M J Lewis ©2015

Image copyright Anita Klein.

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Depending on your time zone, the New Year approaches or indeed has already begun. As we always tell our own children, have fun, look out for your friends and make sure everyone gets home safely.

All the best for a super-productive 2016 to Rochelle and the whole keyboard tapping/pencil scribbling eclectic collective of fellow Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Jean L Hays for the reflective photo.


And if your after a quick (40,000 word) read for the new year, Dream Girl is still only 99p (or an equivalent price worldwide). That’s about the cost of half a cup of coffee. And as Tracey kindly suggested, here is the US link.

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