Love: the theory and the practice


Love: the theory and the practice

Watch people at airports you said, to understand attachment: the tears, the hugs, the love.

You included us all: the nervous teenager, the would-be psychiatrist, the lonely middle-aged woman. You encouraged us, challenged us. I learnt that conformity is hugely overrated; that normality is an entirely subjective concept; that you preferred Vygotsky to Piaget, mountains to beaches; that you loved your husband dearly.

And I discovered first-hand that feelings are feelings, however predictable the transference of years of suppressed affection to my Psychology tutor. So, just as Freud valued insight over happiness, my mind expanded as my heart still aches.

M J Lewis ©2016

Happy January to all who visit and a huge thank you to Rochelle as another year of a Friday Fiction begins. Anyone else returned to work after the break to find they’re already playing catch-up by the end of week one? Ah, so not just teachers then (but that’s a true story for another time). Thanks also to Melanie Greenwood for the photo.

My one and only resolution for 2016 so far is to learn and write a different form of poetry each month; January has been declared Miranda’s sonnet month. Here’s a really inspiring and useful site I’ve enjoyed visiting. Not as serious as it sounds by the way – my first sonnet is about a guinea pig and begins:

He raises noble snout and sniffs the air


Finders Keepers


Finders Keepers

Living alone has its advantages. Autumn mornings I rise at the grey light of dawn and tramp up the field, mist-swathed, droplets of water glistening on my musty greatcoat and feral hair.

In the drip, drip of the copse a mewling beckons from beneath brambles; I reach in to retrieve a box, within it something compact, sweet-smelling.

A vehicle is climbing the rough track – gears shifting, headlights. I dart back through the gap in the trees. As I jog the mile to my cottage, I secrete the box snug inside my coat and its warmth begins to penetrate my breast.

M J Lewis ©2015

Compliments of the season to all Friday Fictioneers, of whatever faith or creed, from this C of E carol singing Atheist.

Actually Christmas here has been temporarily suspended whilst my partner and I recover from the flu, and at the same time try and ensure our children don’t come home to a festive virus. Didn’t know it was possible for your hair to hurt, along with most other bodily parts at various times during this long week.

Thank goodness for Rochelle and all these stories from around the world to keep me entertained whilst housebound. Will be visiting but – apologies – possibly not commenting due to lack of energy. Thanks also to the multi-talented Rochelle for the photo.


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Lonely Road

Lonely Road

lone wolf photo‘So Melanie, do you feel part of the team?’

It was Melanie’s six-month review as the psychologist attached to the Child Protection Unit.

Her boss smiled in encouragement.

Good – he hadn’t noticed. Don’t rely on anyone was Melanie’s motto; work alone, don’t socialise. A lone wolf stayed sharp, alert.

That mother who’d accused her ex-husband of abusing their daughter – Melanie had been the only one to see through it. Why did people always believe mothers?

Melanie smiled back. ‘Part of the team? Of course.’

Just one child and it was worth it, then after that one child you kept going.

M J Lewis ©2015

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