If they could see me now


If they could see me now

Maria felt fantastic, her slim body swathed in soft layers of turquoise silk.

‘If it weren’t for the ambassador’s reception, I’d ravish you now, Darling.’

Maria giggled then stopped mid-swirl as the supervisor’s voice boomed down the corridor outside.

‘Quick Maria, the wardrobe!’

Mr Klein, the supervisor, surveyed the room – surfaces buffed to a reflective sheen, cushions plumped.

‘Well done, Evie. But where’s Maria?’

‘We ran out of polish…’

He tutted indulgently. ‘Well never mind. Get along now.’

Alone, Mr Klein opened the vast wardrobe door.

‘Holy Moly!’ That red lace number was crying out to be tried on.

M J Lewis ©2016

Spring is here at last and I’m looking forward to tulips and blue skies – we all need a bit of colour somewhere in our lives. Hope you enjoy this bit of flash fiction silliness. I worked in a hotel one summer, in the kitchen making starters. My hands smelled of prawns and avocado for the entire summer.

Thanks as ever to the amazing Rochelle and to Marie Gail Stratford for the photo.