Fragment of sunlight and shadow

Fragment of Sunlight and Shadow

I am

throwing out the old jars


dead stuff

tentacles in formaldehyde

bleached octopus

the sack of unmatched socks under the bed

pressed flower

baby teeth and hair clippings

dusting high shelves

with sugar soap and grit

resentments and past hurts

the day you said that thing

I am

wading out

into deep water

cold afraid

the beauty of pebbles

of toes

the caress of speckled fin

pulsing alive

I am

Miranda Lewis 2020

Welcome to Friday Fiction where I seem to be bending those rules yet again – although this definitely weighs in under 100 words and does have a beginning, middle and end (of sorts). Thanks as always to our host Rochelle who keeps going through thunder storm and pandemic, whilst presidents come and (hopefully) go. And thanks also to Sarah Potter for this week’s photo. Stay home, stay safe and tour the world from the comfort of your own sofa right here.

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And they call it therapy

And they call it therapy

on-on-offIf they do it right it’s like falling asleep.

Deep down goose-down snuggle down downy little head beside mine sleep?

Or turn the dial to prickly hiss crackle sleep?

If they do it right is it top of the stairs

Mummy me jump now!

crash bash three flights right down to the tiny soft sad heap peaceful forever sleep?

Trolley wheel squeak squeak ampere volt cell resistance useless.

Lord jesus krishna abraham and the angels

let them light me up like a christmas tree and fry my soul

only just let me sleep.

Mummy jump too now.


M J Lewis ©2015

Here we are at Friday Fictioneers, enjoying the discipline of 100 words and this spooky picture by Ted Strutz. (Don’t count the title!)

Many thanks again to Rochelle. Click on the link (Rochelle’s name) to find lots of diverse and wonderful stories using this same prompt.