Lost and Found?



Lost and Found?

Decades ago a face would have been reconstructed physically, painstakingly layered onto the skull, the techniques of theatre and make-up artistry as much in evidence as science.

Today the construction is in a computer program, the one running on my office computer; although of course the small skull itself is still handled, each tiny bump and indentation carefully calibrated.

I am in the canteen. I cannot move from my seat. Next to my office computer is the faded photo of my baby brother, with his halo of sun-bleached toddler curls. My boss is pushing open the swing door. I exhale slowly.

M J Lewis©2016

An atmospheric and provoking picture this week at Friday Fiction, thanks to Erin Leary, who gives us her hundred-word story and an explanation of those odd stumps. Thanks are also due, as ever, to our wonderful host Rochelle.

My story was written in a spirit of experimentation, to see if I could find something hiding deep in the swamp of my imagination and take myself in a different direction – I don’t usually add to the Friday Fiction body count! So what happens – I seem to have written about family, loss, love…in other words the same old themes.

Thanks to all who visit.