The Other Side of the Moon


The Other Side of the Moon

We are far from home.

This day my lady, like our sister the Moon, fixed a bland and pleasant countenance then, in sable and silks, rubies and pearls, she wed her prince. Have we not studied the world within and the world without, these happy years – the poets and the star-gazers, the workings of fish and fowl and beast?  My lady will know how to please her lord; he in turn will swell her belly.

And so for now I keep the long hours betwixt midnight and the dawn alone, soothing my jealous heart with reminders of her sweet promises.

M J Lewis ©2015

I’ve been reading about the common practice, across time and many cultures, of two sleeps. The idea is full of appealing possibilities, personally and fictionally.  A long night punctuated by a period of wakeful solitude or sociability, study or prayer, love or mischief (or both). As someone who sleeps at the edge of the city, with a streetlight outside my window, I long for those dark reaches of the night – a velvet darkness or a star-studded sky. Either would do. That chap Edison has a lot to answer for!

On another note, I have no idea how anyone writes Friday Fiction on a Wednesday without dreaming it first. Impossible! A speedy recovery to Rochelle and thanks to Madison Woods for the photo. So far there some shiveringly good stories.