Words in Progress


Words in Progress

Thursdays I’m on the front desk with Miriam who has never read a book in her life, but has a 99.9% rating for library fine collection.

An elderly man approaches. Please let him ask about a book.

Man: I think I left my scarf in the library.

Miriam: You’ll need to describe it Sir.

Me: It’ll be one of those things you wrap around and around your neck. (Opens drawer.)

Miriam: (Hand on drawer.) He’s supposed to describe it first.

We are surrounded by a sea of words, a wide wondrous ocean of love and learning, and I am drowning in banality.

M J Lewis 2016

Love your library! I am lucky enough to have two wonderful libraries nearby where I can work, relax, socialise and READ. I also spend not-so-idle moments watching and listening.

Welcome all to Rochelle‘s Friday Flash Fiction bonanza, with a photo this week from Lucy Fridkin. (Please note the photo is copyright and should only be used in conjunction with Friday Fiction or with the photographer’s permission.) To sail away on a sea of fiction follow this link.

Head-in-the-clouds Inventor requires Feet-on-the-ground Assistant


Head-in-the-clouds Inventor requires Feet-on-the-ground Assistant

For the boss of a company worth millions he was unprepossessing.

Half of what I say is rubbish, half genius. Work out which is which and the job’s yours.

So started the most exciting week of my life. I’d never laughed so much or drunk so much coffee; we ran everywhere. On Friday he declared his undying love.

Now that really is rubbish, I said as I left.

I work in a library now, sipping herb tea at my desk and dreaming of what might have been and what indeed is still to come, in just a few weeks’ time.

MJ Lewis ©2016

So here we are on a Wednesday evening at Friday Flash Fiction, weighing in – as you might expect from a Maths teacher – at an exact 100 words (titles don’t count, right?).

Thanks to Rochelle, our seemingly indefatigable Friday Fiction host, and to Emmy L Gant for providing the amazing photo. A dramatic storm over Paris – and I happened on what I think is a rubbish bin. Such is the serendipity and tolerance of Friday Fiction.

Thanks to all who visit.

(PS Large fingers, small phone – I seem to have liked my own post. Ooops! Very embarrassing!)

Lonely Road

Lonely Road

lone wolf photo‘So Melanie, do you feel part of the team?’

It was Melanie’s six-month review as the psychologist attached to the Child Protection Unit.

Her boss smiled in encouragement.

Good – he hadn’t noticed. Don’t rely on anyone was Melanie’s motto; work alone, don’t socialise. A lone wolf stayed sharp, alert.

That mother who’d accused her ex-husband of abusing their daughter – Melanie had been the only one to see through it. Why did people always believe mothers?

Melanie smiled back. ‘Part of the team? Of course.’

Just one child and it was worth it, then after that one child you kept going.

M J Lewis ©2015

Thanks as ever to Rochelle for hosting the Friday Fictioneers fiction-fest – the best party in town without even having to get out of your pyjamas. Click on this LINK to come in and browse.

Photo this week by Dawn Q Landau