I’m a recently retired teacher who loves to read when I could be gardening and garden when I could be writing.

Welcome to my (mainly) short story blog. Do come in and read a story or two; even better, stay and comment.

Thanks to all who have visited since I began this blog in December 2014 and in particular to Rochelle and her supportive band of Friday Fictioneers.

You can also find me and my tiny London garden on Instagram @tinyurbangarden


Please respect the author’s (and photographers’) copyright.

Thanks especially to my daughter who got me up and blogging.


(Photos of my garden; copyright M J Lewis)



Garden, garden visitors and the gardener herself!

18 thoughts on “About

    • Right now the daffodils are fading as the tulips appear – very exciting. I always forget exactly what I’ve planted so it’s all a bit of a surprise, even in my tiny garden. Then after that there are the foxgloves – the ugly ducklings of the plant world.
      Now if only writing was quite so simple and grew itself after I’d planted a few ideas here and there…
      Thank you so much for stopping by.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! I’m glad to have met you, and to have found yours through that! I’m still not quite sure how everyone finds everyone else! I sort of blunder along, and find people through their FF posts, which are so often of the highest order.

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  2. Thanks for your visit! Some people reveal a lot in their About page and I hide here in the buttercups, hoping my stories tell tales for me.
    Glad you like the garden. It’s smaller than it looks but well-loved.


  3. What a lovely blog to find, Miranda. I love your flash fiction pieces and I’ll enjoy reading them backwards. (I’ve got back to this time last year). Thank you for following me and my very intermittent output. Ceri

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