A Story for Hallowe’en


Beware the Story Ghouls

‘Tis the night the ghouls go a-gathering: harvesting hopes, munching on memories, feasting on your future, spitting out your dreams. They’re slithering through the keyhole wreathed in shadows and despair; they’re crouching in the wardrobe and lurking under the bed.  As you slumber tiny fingers tangle your hair, tiny mouths twist in anticipation; tiny tongues slurp up your stories and gobble them down.

You wake in a sweat – heart hammering – but it’s already too late. You grapple for your lover’s name, the year, your mother’s birthday, the square root of sixty-four. Did you let out the cat? Turn off the cooker? You run through a desperate inventory for what’s missing. Somewhere under the floorboards a distant radio plays. But how to know, when you don’t know what you no longer know?

Have courage. All is not lost! Don’t hum yourself back to fitful, cowering sleep. Throw off those clammy covers and push back the shadows. Flap the curtain at that pigeon dozing on your window sill and greet the dawn. Light a candle, wrap yourself in a blanket and take pen and paper. Or charcoal and chalk, trowel and seed packet, needle and thread – there are many efficacious weapons available.

Only arm yourself well for tonight, of all nights, the ghouls they are a-gathering.

M J Lewis©2015

Sleep well tonight and if you can’t, dress up in a silly costume and party till you drop – as if that’s going to work! Or for insomniacs you could try a dose of Dream Girl to lull yourself to sleep.

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